Chatsworth Schools

Enabling outstanding futures

Chatsworth Schools has a proven track record of outstanding educational leadership with real integrity, a passion for schools as learning communities and a commitment to excellence. 

Chatsworth Schools always aims to be innovative, to invest in, and develop highly successful resilient education partnerships from nursery to secondary levels. The Group values its ethos of nurturing and promoting the learning and welfare of their pupils to enable them to be successful, complete citizens of the future.

Being part of this group also means that the children benefit from group initiatives such as the Chatsworth’s Got Talent Contest for which the girls can audition for solo or group songs, dances, a rock group or recitals, with the finals taking place in Central Hall, Westminster.

Chair of Governors
Vivianne Thompson –
CEO and proprietor
Anita Gleave –
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Registered Office:
Crimea Office, Great Tew Estate
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 4AH
Tel: +44 (0)1608 525 030
Company Number: 11541475