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“Through assemblies, pupils consider the impact on society of famous women, such as Rosa Parks and Greta Thunberg.”

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The School Day

The day starts every morning with registration and a whole school assembly. Thursdays are special because assemblies are led entirely by the girls. This is an opportunity for them to perform in front of their peers providing a platform to build confidence and show pride in their achievements. This is voluntary and there are no limits on what they can do – sing a song, recite or read a poem, play a piece of music, demonstrate their belt-winning karate move…

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The structure of a typical school day looks like this:

8.45am Registration
8.55am Daily Assembly
Mornings Academic lessons
12.00 -13.00 pm Lunch
Afternoons Academic lessons, art, sport, music, dance and homework
3.15 – 5.30 pm Clubs
3.00 pm Early Years school day ends
3.15 pm Years 1 & 2 school day ends
3.45 pm Years 3 & 4 school day ends
4.10 pm Years 5 & 6 school day ends

A host of school clubs are available to every child on every school day until 4.30/ 5.30pm.

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