Inspection Reports

The Village Prep School was last inspected in February 2020 and received high praise, being judged “outstanding” across five areas and “good” in Early Years provision

Read the full inspection report here

Quotes from the report include:

“Pupils told us they love learning. They relish the challenges teachers set for them. When they find the work hard, teachers encourage them to keep on trying and not give up.” 

“Pupils develop the skills and attributes to be responsible, charitable and caring citizens.”

“The curriculum extends way beyond what is typically found in primary schools.”

“Teachers have expertise in the subjects they teach. Their enthusiasm is infectious, igniting pupils’ interests…. In response to pupils’ interests, teachers delve into matters beyond that originally intended… As a result, pupils achieve high standards across subjects.”

“The new proprietors bring much educational know-how to the school…. Staff morale is high. They value how much leaders consider their workload and well-being.”

“Pupils behave exceptionally well throughout the school. Bullying is almost unheard of. Pupils feel safe. They are secure in the knowledge that they can share their worries with a caring adult.”

“Staff provide extra support to make sure that no pupil falls behind, be it in reading or any other subject.”

“Parents and carers are overwhelmingly positive about the school. One typically wrote: ‘the school provides a safe space for the girls to develop. They create a real thirst and excitement for knowledge, a place to have so much fun, and instil wonderful values of friendship.”

“The promotion of pupils’ personal development is superb. The school offers an impressive array of enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom… Through assemblies, pupils consider the impact on society of famous women, such as Rosa Parks and Greta Thunberg.”