What our Pupils say:

“All the students and teachers are very kind and friendly, and the school is very relaxed and not at all stressful.”

“Everyone knows everyone, even the really little girls know the older ones.”

“Out of my many schools I‘ve been to, I feel like I have settled in the fastest here.”

“Our school food is more delicious each day.”

“Many funny things happen here; the best one would be when the teachers performed their own version of ‘the Muppets: A Christmas Carol’. Wigs fell off, teachers danced weirdly and everyone acted hilarious.”

What our Parents say:

“It is the primary school my husband and I wished we had gone to!”

“It has high academic achievement despite it not feeling overly ‘pushy’ in its approach to learning.”

“Both our daughters are absolutely thriving at the school and equally importantly they are really enjoying their time. It really does deliver on its core values and principles and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

“Being a relatively small school, there are so many opportunities to perform, present and to become involved in so many exciting projects in all these domains.”

“Concern for wellbeing is definitely top of the school’s agenda.”

“As a parent I really feel part of the school with so many opportunities to become involved with the many events and projects run by the school.”