Drawing is the foundation of all art skills and at The Village Prep School there is a lot of experimenting with a wide range of drawing media such as pencil, pen, charcoal, chalk, oil pastels, pen and ink. In these activities, perspective, tone and form are all looked at. Painting is explored through watercolour, inks and acrylics with the girls finding tones through colour mixing and seeing how light affects colour. Ideas and concepts include self portraits, portraits of others, still life, landscapes, natural forms, animals, flowers and fruits.

3D is also studied in a number of projects including mask-making, modelling clay animals and African artefacts and creating Egyptian mummified cats from clay, papier-mâché and cloth. Other activities include printmaking, relief prints in polytile and lino, textile designs, prop making, poster designs and Christmas card designs.

The girls use their artwork as a medium to study artists and cultures which range from The Bloomsbury Group to Vincent Van Gogh to Alexander Calder. This is further enriched with trips to the Tate, British Museum, V&A and Charleston Farm House.

History of Art is also taught in the Upper School.