Integrated learning with parents

Our passion for nurturing a love of learning Is evident in every area of school life and none more so in the way that we work with parents.

Open Door policy

We know that our girls will thrive when they believe that everyone in their life Is supporting and believe in them.  Therefore, each day our playground is supervised from 8.15am for girls whilst our school building Is open for parents to drop In and speak to any member of staff until 8.40am.  This permits excellent transparency and ensure parents and staff are working together

No homework policy

Beyond reading, we do not set regularly set homework for girls to complete at home.  Instead, the girls In KS2 are given independent study homework slots during the school day.  We believe this promotes the following:

  • Girls develop excellent independent study skills and understand how to approach independent learning tasks effectively
  • Teachers gain Immediate feedback regarding next steps required for each child’s learning
  • Girls leave school at 4.30pm having completed their homework, attended an extra-curricular club and therefore, home time is for family discussions, reading and play.
Girls are encouraged to complete optional projects and research inspired by their learning and the quality of this is always wonderful and displayed on our School Chronicles board.

Parent masterclasses

As part of belief in collaboration with parents, we host regular parent masterclasses that provide an insight into how we teach various areas of the curriculum from Phonics to Maths.  This provides parents with the language and understanding to have meaningful conversations with their child about their learning.

Book Looks

Parents are invited into school to see their child’s classroom and books with their child.  Alongside this, books are sent home for parents to look at independently of their child so that they gain a true insight into their child’s learning journey.  This permits greater depth at Parents’ Evening (which take place termly).