Pupil School Council

A vital voice in our learner-led school

The School Council is a forum of girls from Lower I to the Third Form (Years 1-6) which gives voice to all the pupils’ thoughts and ideas in the school. 

The Council meet to discuss, with the Head and Deputy Head, issues which they wish to bring to the school’s leadership team. In the spirit of a learner-led school, the Council considers matters carefully with their respective class and they then bring their thoughts to the meeting.

Examples of key initiatives deriving from School Council:

  • Espalier and cordon fruit trees have been planted
  • A friendship bench on playground has been introduced
  • Vegetables trugs are about to be planted to allow produce to be grown and then eaten on site
  • A new school summer hat which is more practical and comfortable has become part of the school uniform

This is a valuable lesson in democracy as well as responsibility, and coming to the meetings with attainable ideas means that it is so much easier to for their wishes to be granted.