Ambition and resilience are not just confined to the classroom. Here at The Village Prep School we offer a broad range of sports aimed at inspiring and encouraging the girls to be active; to foster a real sense of teamwork and an ambition to challenge themselves and achieve; to know no boundaries, and above all, to experience and have FUN!

We are constantly striving to invigorate the curriculum and this year have formed an exciting partnership with Saracens Rugby and Saracens Mavericks Netball. This special association has enabled a host of exceptional opportunities for the girls including training with NFL (professional American football league) and Super League Netball players, attending Saracens matches and hosting elite netball camps at school. 

Added to this, the school will team up with MMC cricket coaches in the summer, working to further build on the girls’ passion for the sport of cricket. Having professional players to coach sessions shows the girls the opportunities available to them and the importance and value of teamwork.

Whilst we have a fabulous outdoor space for sport, the school also takes full advantage of our proximity to Hampstead Heath and uses the local swimming pool facilities where weekly, one hour lessons have been introduced from Year 1 to Year 6 on a termly rotation.

Girls play competitive netball and rounders fixtures with local prep schools throughout the year and participated in their first rugby tournament this year which was a huge success, with more planned.

Extra curricular activities include: Tekne Gymnastics, fencing, football, short tennis, rounders. The school runs a Sports Camp for Year 3 upwards during the Easter and Summer holidays.