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Travel To Tokyo

We are really excited to announce the launch of Get Set’s, Travel to Tokyo at The Village Prep.

To celebrate the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer, Get Set are inviting schools and families on a virtual journey to Tokyo. Every activity logged will be converted into a distance, helping your team make the 47,349km journey from London to Tokyo.  As each team travels across the world (on a very picturesque route!), you will have the opportunity to uncover facts about different cultures and cities PLUS the more active you get and the more cities you reach, the more prizes can be unlocked! Prizes are available for both the school and individual families, so there’s an incentive for everyone to get involved.

What makes this initiative so fantastic is that it considers the time pressures on families – especially at the moment – so there is minimal effort required… unless you choose to go big! Activities can be as simple as a dance off in the kitchen, fun in the playground, going on an adventure… even running up and down the stairs at home. There’s a whole range of ideas designed to get children and families active, plus the opportunity to see some sites along the way.

Just to add a little more fun and competition to the challenge, we thought – as at school – we could have House competitions: Eagles Vs Falcons, Swifts Vs Swallows, and The Village Prep Pufflings for the Early Years. I should also flag that the staff are in for the challenge as well – let’s see who gets to Tokyo first!